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New Student Orientation Information: Orientation Power Point (includes graduation requirements)

Permission form for sophomores--ASVAB  (due by March 8)

Permission form for juniors--ACT  (due on March 12--students will hand in before they leave)

PE Waiver Form (updated 03-19)

College Visitation Form (pre-arranged excuse)

NCAA Eligibility Center Guide Book (2017-2018)

Pharmacy Technician Training Program Flyer

GPA--Things to Know:

  • In order to check the calculation of your GPA, you must see your counselor to get a print off called "Student GPA Supporting Details."  You cannot calculate your GPA using a transcript or a report card.  
  • Overall GPA is only tabulated accurately when you have earned credit for a course.  This means that for a year-long class, your GPA will not change until June; for a semester course, your GPA will change in January.  
  • Don't pay much attention to the GPA listed on your quarter report cards; 9-week GPAs are not representative of your overall GPA.  
  • Most colleges and scholarships are interested in your unweighted GPA.  We have a weighted GPA so that we can determine valedictorian and salutatorian at CMHS. 

GPA Calculation
First, ask your counselor for a copy of your "Student GPA Supporting Details."

The column labeled "Pt Val" is representative of the point value that corresponds to the grade that you received in a particular course.  This column is known as "Column A."

The column labeled "Crd Att" is representative of the credits attempted for a particular course.  This column is known as "Column B."

Please note that for many year-long courses, you will have two marks for the same course; this is because the two scores present represent your two semester grades. 

Using the data in Columns A and B, you will create "Column C" by multiplying the data together.  For every entry, you will multiply AxB to get C.  

GPA Calculation Sample

Next, add the numbers listed in Column A and write the total at the bottom of the column.  

Add the numbers listed in Column C and write the total at the bottom of the column.

GPA is the sum of Column C divided by the sum of Column B.  Divide the two numbers, and you will have your GPA.  

GPA Formula

You will have to complete this entire process two times if you want to calculate both your weighted and unweighted GPA. 



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