Student & Parent Info for CCP Probation and Dismissal (new for 2018-2019)

ALEKS Retest Module Directions (new!) These are the directions to log in to the ALEKS module for any student who failed the ALEKS (math and science) placement test and wishes to retest.  You must complete the five-hour module before you can retest.  If you fail again, you must complete another five hours on the module. 

CCP Letter of Intent Form for 2018-2019 School Year (Due by April 10)

Sinclair College Authorization Form (Needed after you have applied to Sinclair)

Click here to see the Ohio Department of Education's website about CCP.

Annual Notice for College Credit Plus 

Power Point from the Counseling Session 

Sinclair Placement Testing Scheduled for CMHS 
On the day of the test, students should bring their computer and charger and a pencil.  Cell phones should be left in lockers, and students do not need to bring a calculator (the test has an onscreen calculator that students are required to use).  Students will take the WritePlacer (you'll write an essay) and the ALEKS (solve math problems).  Sinclair has advised there isn't a "test prep" site for the ALEKS.  For the WritePlacer, Sinclair has said that essays are evaluated based on: 
-Point of View
-Critical Thinking/Examples/Evidence 
-Use of Language 
-Sentence Structure
-Errors in Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation 

Current Sinclair students do not need to retest (unless they have not qualified in the subject area in which they want to take classes next year). If a student has qualifying ACT scores (22 in math and 18 in English), he/she does not need to test. 

Before students can test, they have to have applied to Sinclair and Sinclair has to have their Authorization form (given out at mandatory meeting and is on the C-M website) 48 hours before the test. Students who haven't applied yet should do so ASAP and submit their Authorization form to the guidance office ASAP.  We have to fill out a section of the Authorization form before it is submitted to Sinclair.  Students who have not yet attended a counseling session can pick up an Authorization form and submit it before attending the meeting.  There are copies in the guidance office. 

Students should make every effort to be here when Sinclair is here to test so that Sinclair can answer any questions they have.  If a student must be absent that day, we will schedule an alternate time to test. 

Students will receive their score on the day of the test.  Students who do not have qualifying scores can retest after they have completed Sinclair's individualized remediation prep software, which is tailored to a student's actual responses.  Sinclair will provide more information about this process on the day of the test. 

Counseling Sessions 
Per ORC 3365.04, all students and parents MUST attend a CCP counseling session in order to participate in CCP for the 2018-2019 school year.  This includes students/parents who attended last year; because laws have changed, you must attend even if you attended last year. The meeting that was held on January 9 was an optional information session; even if you attended that meeting, you must attend a counseling session. 

The student and parent do not have to attend the same counseling session, but both parties must attend.  If you cannot attend one of the scheduled sessions, you will need to see a C-M counselor (Mrs. Potts or Ms. Beres for high school students and Mr. Stewart for middle school students) to schedule an appointment for individual counseling.  

The counseling sessions for students in grades 6-11 are scheduled as follows:
 Date Time Location
 February 21* 9 a.m. HS Room 106
February 21* 1:30 p.m. HS Room 106
March 1 3 p.m. HS Room 106
March 8 6:30 p.m. HS Community Room (next to the gym)
 Due to high need, we have added two dates:  
March 22* 9:00 a.m.  HS Room 106
March 27 6:00 p.m. HS Auditeria

*Students can only leave class to attend the meeting if his/her parent is here for the meeting.

During the counseling sessions, general information about CCP will be presented, in addition to information about CMHS CCP course offerings next year.  Students/parents will also have a chance to ask questions.  The counseling session should take 45-60 minutes. Participants don't need to bring anything except for something to write with.  

You are required to find out which entrance test(s) are required at the college/university from which you want to take CCP classes.  If you are required to take the ACT, you must go register for the test online (see our "High School Testing" page for more information). 

Sinclair will be coming to CMHS in early spring to give the WritePlacer (to qualify for English/Social Studies courses) and the ALEKS (to qualify for Math/Science). Dates are TBA.

The WritePlacer will require students to write an essay, and there is no time limit.  To prepare for this test, students should review how to write a 5-paragraph essay. The essays are evaluated based on point of view, audience/purpose, critical thinking within examples/evidence, organization, use of language, sentence structure, and errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Sinclair will allow you to retake the WritePlacer one time.

The ALEKS exam is an adaptive math assessment that is 30 questions in length.  The exam will begin with Intermediate Algebra questions and will adapt subsequent questions based on a student's responses.  There is no time limit, and all questions are open response (no multiple choice options are given for responses). There is no study guide for this test; however, students will receive an individualized learning and prep module after their first attempt.  Students are allowed to attempt the test five times if they complete the prep module for practice between attempts. For a handout about ALEKS from Sinclair, click here.

Courses available at CMHS for CCP credit for 2017-2018 include:

 CMHS Course Title  Sinclair Course Title Course Number Sinclair Credits CMHS Credits Course Length  Class Format 
 College Accounting

Intro to Managerial Accounting ACC 1220 3 1  semester 2 in-person
 Financial Accounting^

Intro to Financial Accounting ACC 1210 3 1 semester 1 in-person
Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation MUS 1121 3 1 year-long in-person
Human Anatomy*

Human Anatomy and Physiology I/II BIO 1121/1222 6 2 year-long online

Pre-Calculus MAT 1580 5 1 year-long in-person

Calculus and Analytic Geometry I MAT 2270  5 1 year-long in-person

Introduction to Physics PHY 1100/1110 4 1 semester 1 online

General Psychology PSY 1100 3 1 year-long in-person
English Comp I

English Comp I ENG 1101 3 1 semester 1 in-person
English Comp II^

English Comp II ENG 1201 3 1 semester 2 in-person
*must be taken together
^must be taken after the preceding course has been completed

Off-Campus CCP

For the Ohio Department of Education's website about College Credit Plus, click here

In the coming months, more information about CCP for 2018-2019 will become available. 

Current CCP Students
You should be working with your college adviser to schedule your spring courses.  Make sure that you don't register for too many hours; you can take a maximum of 30 credit hours per year, including any high school courses you are taking.  For more information about the allowable number of hours, click here. You should have received a letter in the mail stating how many hours you have remaining.  

Spring course registration begins:
Sinclair Community College--October 30
Miami-Middletown--November 1
Southern State Community College--November 6
Cedarville University--November 14
Wright State University--November 17
UC-Blue Ash--November 20

Students need to submit their class schedule to Ms. Beres or Mrs. Potts for off-campus CCP classes no later than December 1.  If your schedule arrives after December 1, there is no guarantee that you will receive your books for the start of your class in January. When you submit your schedule, please make sure that you include the following information:

1. Course name (example: Music Appreciation) 
2. Course title with section  number (example: MUS 1121-500)
3. Number of credit hours for each course
4. Whether the course will be online or in-person

We need all of the information above in order to ensure that your scheduling data is entered correctly and that you receive the correct books for your course. 

Textbooks for Current CCP Students 
Do not order/pick up your own books for spring unless you have been told to do so; in most cases, your books will be ordered for you, and you will pick them up at CMHS starting on January 4.  As long as you submitted your course list by December 1, your books should be ready and you can stop by any time between 7:30-4:30 on January 4-5 to pick them up.  Chatfield College includes textbooks as part of your CCP tuition cost, so if you attend Chatfield, you may pick up your books from the bookstore. 

Should you drop/add a course before the term begins, we need to know as soon as possible so that we can get the correct books. If you drop/add over Winter Break, there is no guarantee that the books for your new class will be ready by January 4.  

Please drop off your textbooks from your fall classes ASAP. They can be dropped off to the school counseling office and should be returned no later than December 13. If you fail to return any of the books, the cost of the book(s) will be added to your school fees.   

A spreadsheet was shared with all off-campus CCP students that shares how each student will get his/her books.  Some will need to be picked up at the book store, and others will be available at CMHS starting January 4.  Make sure that you check the document so that you know where to get your books. 

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