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November 2022 Five Year Forecast

May 2023 Five Year Forecast

November 2023 Five Year Forecast


To take a look at our expenses, please see  Ohio Checkbook


Explanation of the Fair School Funding Plan (HB 110) applied in 2021-2022


End of January 2024, our bank statements looked like this:

Daily Operations = $1,153,582.67

Investments = $1,722,277.95
We have received tax advances in February and will be receiving our tax settlements in March. At that point we will know exactly how much more money we are receiving due to the reappraisal.  
2023 is a reappraisal year for Clinton County.   Our average, per the auditor's office, was 25% (based on sales data in our district). The entire county average was 33%. Because our district spans multiple counties, this correlates to an 18% increase in our total property value. Warren County goes next year and is looking at no less than a 30% increase in property values. Taxes will not increase that much, just the actual property values. There are exemptions that residents qualify for as well as different millage rates. Speaking of rates, our bond millage rate is decreasing from 1.5 to 1.2.

To give you a frame of reference, it costs our district an average of $460,000 for each payroll (semimonthly), $245,000 for our insurance each month (District side only), and $10,000 for Medicare each month (District side only).

Granted, we get about $324,500 twice a month from State Funding (which in addition covers our STRS/SERS [pensions] each month).

For our income tax, we get quarterly payments at the ends of January, April, July, and October.  2024 will be the last year your income will be taxed under this levy. We will be seeking a renewal in March of 2024 for 2025 - 2029.

COVID FUNDING From 2021 - 2024, we were allocated $2,895,435.08 total monies granted through various Coronavirus Relief Efforts.  This money could only be used to prepare, prevent, or respond to the COVID-19 pandemic unless otherwise specified.   We used our Coronavirus Relief / ESSER money ($2,244,882.56) for hotspots and chromebooks with hotspots; campus-wide Wi-Fi; (along with the $551,466.16 in BroadBand Ohio Connectivity dollars); salaries for social workers, technology assistants, cafeteria (while there was no incoming revenue March - May 2020 yet we still were providing meals), teachers specifically addressing learning loss, summer school intervention; the unsafe portion of our Annex demolition; disinfecting/sanitizing supplies; PPE; 2 buses; HVAC repair; Chiller replacement; and a school-based health center.  We used our ARP Homeless and IDEA money ($100,256.52) for a Homeless Resource Navigation Pilot program to address financial instability and homelessness and additional staff and more training to better handle the needs of our Kindergarten through second grade special needs students.  We have spent all of this money by the end of the school year in June of 2023. We greatly appreciate the Clinton County Commissioners and Massie Township Trustees for granting us some of their Coronavirus Relief funds as well!

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