Income Tax FAQ

For our residents:

The 0.5% earned income tax went into effect January 1, 2020 and will end 
December 31, 2024 unless a renewal or a new income tax is voted in.

Earned income is defined as all taxable income and wages that would be reported on
Schedule Cs, or Schedule Fs.

It is not taxing retirement, social security, unemployment, disability, or survivor benefits; 
welfare; child support; interest and dividends; or capital gains.

All residents will need to file an SD100 form each year through 2025 (unless renewed 
or a new levy voted in) by April 15.

  The taxes can be paid in three ways:                

1.  If you would like your employer to take out the tax, give them our OSDI number 1402.            
2.  You can pay an estimated amount much like you can do with your property taxes.                 
3.  You can pay it when you file your SD100 form.  If you file online, you'll have to add your W-2 and then also report it as earned income on the third tab of that section.


Guide to Ohio's School District Income Tax          

Instructions for Filing

            Ohio Department of Taxation's School District Income Tax Customer Service at


                        Treasurer Carrie Bir at 937-289-1062

For our school district:

            We began receiving quarterly payments from the state in April 2020.

            In Fiscal Year 20 (School Year 2019-2020) we received $75,123.

            In Fiscal Year 21 (School Year 2020-2021) we received $784,120.

            In Fiscal Year 22 (School Year 2021-2022) we received the full amount which was $1,304,968.



While we greatly appreciate our community's support,

this is definitely a band-aid, not a cure

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